Regula is the leading manufacturer of forensic devices for authenticating documents, banknotes and securities.

More than 100 solutions for authenticity verification.

Company is known all over the world: Regula products and solutions are used by law enforcement experts from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, South and North America. Since the 1990s, Regula has been producing compact and efficient devices having no analogues in the world.

150 countries using Regula solutions.

Company has gained the reputation of a reliable partner and has carried out thousands of challenging tasks for clients. Today  regular customers include Ministries of Internal and Home Affairs, police, border and customs services, banks, insurance companies and other organizations. 

Regula today:

  • over 28 years on the high-tech market
  • more than 90 partners all over the world
  • 9-categories of products and solutions

Products and solutions in the following categories: