East Wave Products Inc. is the leading distributor of optical scopes, Red Dot sights, night vision optical, digital and thermal scopes for a wide range of sport and hunting rifles. We are dedicated to providing you with cost-effective and integrated solutions for day and night vision viewers, binoculars, googles and spotting scopes.  We are known all over the world: our products and solutions are used by hunters, fishermen, researchers, travelers, tourists, rescuers, sportsmen, law enforcement officers and experts from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, South and North America. The areas of applications for our products are very wide from usage in hunting and tourism, the marine industry, sport and security to the transport industry and law enforcement. 

Since the 1998, we have been the leading supplier of optical and mechanical solutions designed for the adaptation of high quality Russian and Belarusian optical systems to the Western standards. 

East Wave Products Inc. designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of high quality products for the implementation of the Fish-Eye technology in photography, cinematography, astronomy and security areas. We offer lenses, adapters, transformers, mounts and connectors for different brands of movie and photography cameras. We have solutions for both traditional SLR cameras and newest digital models. We producing compact and efficient devices having no analogues in the world. 

East Wave Products Inc. sells expert devices for authenticating documents, banknotes and securities. These products and solutions are used by law enforcement experts from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, South and North America. We also sell high quality professional viewing and measuring  loupes that are extremely popular among geologists, gemologists, photographers, numismatists, entomologists and philatelists, security, law enforcement and forensic specialists. 

From many years of work our company has gained the reputation of a reliable partner and has carried out thousands of challenging tasks for our clients. Currently, the company has a range of more than 500 products. The main markets are the USA, Europe, Canada and Japan.