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Designed for special Russian Infantry this compact model will be a perfect choice for light foot hunters who keep binoculars in the pocket, while high-aperture wide-angle binoculars are suitable for wildlife and landscape spotters in ambush. Meanwhile, all BELOMO binoculars models are originally designed for the military and are multifunctional. Binoculars have 7x zoom, wide FOV and a rangefinder reticle. The binoculars are water, fog, snow and dustproof and adapted to various climatic zones and conditions (-50…+50°C). The wide field of view of BELOMO binoculars useful for target and game tracking, as it enables fast scanning of large areas and detecting the smallest motion even along the image edges.


BelOMO :

BelOMO is an universal Association with substantial scientific and technical potential which is engaged in the field of development and production of high-precision laser, optoelectronic and optical and mechanical devices, instruments, units and systems for ground troops, space, marine services, industries, medicine, tourism, aerospace photographic equipment etc.

VKB 7 Compact Military Binoculars with a separate focus and an angle rangefinder reticle are designed for daylight surveillance, allowing you to range the object with specific dimensions. Modern and user-friendly design increase the comfort of surveillance. Device fits into your palm even an unfolded . The folding solid body is made of military aircraft-grade alloy and the mechanics is precise and reliable. The device is airtight and filled with dry nitrogen for optics defogging at sudden temperature change. Porro prisms are the base of VKB-7 optical system. The image is clear and has a perfect resolution within FOV. Though the exit pupil diameter is 3mm, you can use device even at dusk in the lantern light. The individual eyepieces focusing of VKB-7 binoculars allows you to adjust the optics for each eye individually and avoid discomfort during a surveillance. The binoculars are suitable for foot hunting in winter and summer, forest and field surveillance.


 - Wide FOV

-  Rugged metal body, robust design

-  Extensive operating temperature range  -50 to +50 ° C

- Presence of a rangefinder grid

- Separate focusing of eyepieces from -3 to +3 dptr.

- Vibration resistance and operability in extreme weather conditions.

- Reliable folding case, small size and weight.


Magnification, ratio 7x,

Clear aperture diameter, mm 18,

Angular field of view, ang.deg 7,

Exit pupil diameter , mm 3,

Eye relief, mm, min 9

Diopter adjustment range, dptr. +-3,

Interpupillary distance, mm 54...72 ,

Light transmission, % 75 ,

Overall dimensions, mm 110x77x39,

Operating temperature range, C from - 50 to + 50,

Weight , kg  0,27 

- Binoculars VKB-7
- Pouch
- Manual