Pulsar DN 50 mm Metal Scope Adapter for Forward DFA , Forward DN , Core FXD/FXQ

Article # 1602

The Pulsar DN series metal scope adapters attach Forward DFA  / DN , Core FXD / FXQ Night Vision Devices to riflescopes. This accessory is made of durable aluminum alloy and features an improved quick release lever. 



Cover ring adapters are special mounting units that enable installation of digital or/and thermal imaging attachments in front of the objectives of day optic devices (riflescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars). Adapters are supplied with a set of insert rings (the choice of the insert ring is defined by the outer diameter of the objectives housing of optic device). After installation the adapter stays constantly on the objective of optic device which allows installing the thermal of digital attachment in front of the objective swiftly. During the day when the attachment is not used, adapter serves as the mount for the protective cover (included in the package), which protects the lens of day optics.


 - Metal housing

 - Fixing clip position selection

 - 2-point quick bayonet mounting

 - Easy installation

 - Increased service durability

 - Protective cover supplied in the package

 - Compatible with wide range of day optics


Pulsar Forward DFA 75 , Forward DN 55 , CORE FXD , CORE FXQ


- Compatible with a wide range of day optics with 

    50-52 mm lens diameter

-  Set of inserts

(51.6 mm, 53.4 mm, 55 mm, 56 mm, 57 mm, 58 mm, 59 mm)


Pulsar Forward DFA 75 , Forward DN 55 , CORE FXD , CORE FXQ

                 DN 50 mm adapter


                 Hex-nut wrenches

                 Set of inserts

                 User Manual