Pulsar Battery Pack APS 2 ( APS2 Model 79162 )

Article # 1501

Power your favorite thermal and digital night vision devices with the APS2 Battery Pack. Miniature power element used in Pulsar night vision devices and scopes provides sufficient operation time and can be quickly replaced. B-Pack mini batteries can be quickly charged either with charger station or in the unit connected to USB.


With a 3.6 charge voltage, the APS 2 battery pack holds a battery life of up to 5 hours in Thermion Thermal Riflescope for on a single charge.

The lithium-ion battery has complete a battery charge indication.


Thermal imaging Digex IR Illuminators

Thermal imaging riflescopes Thermion

Digital night vision riflescopes Digex.


Output voltage, V  - 3.6

Battery type -  Li-Ion

Capacity, mAh - 2000

Dimensions, mm - 59x24x24

Weight, kg  - 0.04

SKU (Model #) - 79162

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-Battery APS 2 in the Box