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This lens is made by BelOMO that makes the equipment for the European-Russian space program . By changing usual proportions of the objects, the lens enables to obtain pretty unusual and impressive pictorial effects. FISHEYE PELENG LENS 8mm F 3.5  ARRI PL MOUNT is suitable for photo-shooting and movie making with both modern digital and traditional (film) cameras. It's adapted by the manufacturer with steel ( currently in black finish ) ARRI PL mount. The mount is also checked and adjusted by the professional movie studio.


BelOMO is a universal Association with substantial scientific and technical potential which is engaged in the field of development and production of high-precision laser, optoelectronic and optical and mechanical devices, instruments, units and systems for ground troops, space, marine services, industries, medicine, tourism, aerospace photographic equipment etc.

Peleng Lens ARRI PL mount is a super wide angle lens of "FISHEYE CIRCULAR" type and is designated to serve as a replaceable lens for PL mount movie cameras. The Lens has a feature of diaphragm presetting which increases photographing efficient. The lenses have anti reflecting coating. 

Peleng is "old school" lens and has manual focus. Focus to infinity is a good option for landscape images. Peleng multi-coating optical glass serves to decrease reflections.


The Peleng PL mount lens starts out as an MC Peleng lens from BeLOMO, a factory in Belarus, noted among former Soviet Union countries for its work in optical systems for armored vehicles, multizonal cameras, aerospace, topographic, and photogrammetric equipment. The Peleng is made from special premium grade glasses fused from the sands of the fabled Karelian White Sea and rare earths from the Ural Mountains. Each lens is meticulously ground and polished then a sophisticated seven layer dielectric coating is vacuum deposited. This leading edge coating turns from orange to purple as the lens surface is viewed from different angles. BelOMO converts each lens to steel PL mount. All lenses are bench collimated to insure accuracy of the focus scale.


Tests show the Peleng Lens ARRI PL mount as fully comparable to Nikkor 8mm conversions. Film was run through an Arri 35BL4 with both the Nikkor and Peleng Lens ARRI PL mount lenses. Then, the negative was printed and projected . Not only were both lenses indistinguishable in terms of sharpness and contrast, but also in terms of color. It was impossible to tell which shot was done with which lens without looking at the slate.


The Peleng Lens ARRI PL mount actually has better coverage than the Nikkor. You will see that the Peleng Lens ARRI PL mount won’t clip the corners of your 1.78 HD or 1.85 frame like the Nikkor.


Focal distance, mm: 8,1 +/- 0,25

Relative aperture: 1:3,5+1:16

Angle of view, Ang. deg.: 360

Aspect ratio, mm 24x36

Resolution power, mm:  in the center 55 along the edges 15

Minimum distance when photographing, m: 0,22  (8-5/8") to infinity

Transmission factor: 0,7

Dissipation factor: 0,03

Overall dimensions, mm:

Diameter - 73

General length - 65,5

Length 1.75" from PL flange

Weight : 14.6 ounces



35 mm: PL mounted Arri IIC, Arri III, Arri 35 BL, 435, 535, Aaton 35, Moviecam with 35 mm film 1.85, 1.78, 1.66.

16 mm: 16 SR, I, II, 3, Aaton LTR, XTR, Prod, A-Minima with any 16 mm film.

Digital :

RED ONE , EPIC , SCARLET PL CAMERAS , JVC with PL mount , MINI 35, CANON EOS 300C 500C with PL mount , SONY PMW PL  and many others cameras with ARRI PL mount. 

Lens cap
Nylon carrying case
ENGLISH manual