Magnetic Door Mounted Gun Rest

Article # 5502

Magnetic Door Mounted Gun Rest. It is a compact, easy to mount solution for accurate vehicle shooting from the car door sill or rear tray side walls.


Uses Of the Magnetic Door Mounted Gun Rest: 

  1. Vehicle Shooting: For pest control and predator spotlighting
  2. Shooting from a Blind: This method is used more regularly in USA and South Africa

Advantages and Upgrades:

  • Shooting Accurately From Vehicle: Use less energy and cover more ground. Saves ammunition by utilizing better accuracy with more effective kills. Avoid educating predators by hitting more consistently
  • Accuracy From a Blind: More success from harder shots
  • Metal top Upgrade: Now fits more vehicles, the metal top avoids warping of the top shelf when the walls are stretched out wider to fit larger doors, thus making this Gun Rest better suited to late model cars
  • Fits More rifles and won't damage stocks or vehicle paint
  • Holds up to greater speeds due to magnet upgrades



Brand - SmartRest

Model- Door Pro II 

Made in Australia

Magnetic Door Mounted Gun Rest in the Box