Article # 0727

The PS-07 ( optical modification of PK-AS RED DOT  sight ) is the newest battlefield Russian optics. It not only fills the role of the traditional Red Dot as a CQB short range/fast acquisition sight, but also has unique features designed specifically for longer range combat shooting. This PK-07 model intended for use with Weaver and Picatinny mounts and rails.


BelOMO factory:

BelOMO is an universal Association with substantial scientific and technical potential which is engaged in the field of development and production of high-precision laser, optoelectronic and optical and mechanical devices, instruments, units and systems for ground troops, space, marine services, industries, medicine, tourism, aerospace photographic equipment etc.


The PS-07 was developed by BelOMO holding DIAR plant. Similar to the PK-AS, the PS-07 has a reticle as a so-called Circle / Oval Rangefinder Dot and can be set both as Black Dot and dimmable with 9 steps Red Dot. The sight is special due to its 7x magnification and super image sharpness achieved by a prism system. The sight also has a diopter adjustment functionality from -2 to +4 diopters and ballistic turrets, like a optical rifle scope.

PS-07 is a hybrid,  Red Dot and Telescopic sight in one. PS-07 has  Oval Rangefinder. It takes a little bit of brainwork to set up, but when it clicks, this system is incredibly easy and fast. The shooting is very comfortable for 30-600 meters distance range. 


-Fast adjusting on a target distance;

-One or two-eye aiming;

-Bullet drop compensation cams (calibrated in MOA);

-Compact size, light weight, modern technology manufacture;

-All-metal high-strength body;


-Aiming dot always in center a field of vision.

-UNIQUE FEATURE: Black dot and Red dot Oval rangefinder aiming mark.

-EASE ADJUSTMENTS: The exceeding ease of make alignment adjustments using its indexed ballistic cams

-GREAT OPTICS QUALITY: Fully coated prismatic lens system provides a remarkable, high contrast, wide angle field of view allowing for fast acquisition of moving targets.

-CQB COMPAIBLE:  A small 1 MOA always on Black Dot is handy for more precise shooting and a large black oval rangefinder is useful for CQB shooting.


-Visible magnification: 7x

-Exit pupil diameter: 4.7 mm

-Eye Relief: 81 mm

-Field of view: 3°  ( on 81 mm eye relief )

-Brightness Adjustment: YES ( 9 levels )

-Diopter adjustment: YES ( -2 to +4 diopters )

-Visible angular size of the aiming mark: 1 MOA - Black Dot / 1.5 MOA - Red Dot

-Operating temperature range: from -40°C to +40°C

-Supply voltage: 3V (2x1.5v D357, AG13, LR44, SR44)

-Battery Life: 120h for Red Dot / Unlimited for Black Dot

-Overall dimensions: 320x110x68 mm

-Weight: 930g / 2 lbs.


The sight can be used for the standard Weaver and Picatinny rails.

-Optical Sight PS-07

-Eye Shield


-Bag case