BelOMO COD 2M Aiming System Red Dot Sight and Optical Rifle Scope with Weaver / Picatinny Top Mount

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The COD-2M Battlefield Aiming System combines two types of optics as it includes a collimator channel for targeting at short and medium distances (up to 300 m) and an optical channel for aiming at medium and long distances (over 300 m). The collimator channel provides aiming the target without magnification, while the optical channel provides target magnification. The illumination of the reticle marks on both channels can be adjusted to 8 brightness levels. The two channels are combined in a single housing and have common adjustment mechanisms. The COD2M sight includes a mounting bracket for a Weaver / Picatinny rail (MIL STD 1913), but can also be mounted on AK and SKS rifles with an adapter clamp. Due to its unique design, this exceptional aiming system is suitable for urban combat as well as for shooting at long distances. The COD 2M is a real battlefield specialty and an eye-catcher on every shooting range.

Real battlefield optical aiming system COD 2M from the Belarusian optical and mechanical Association is lightweight less than 700 grams  and has very compact dimensions just 208 mm in length. This model has been successfully used in for military, sport shooting and hunting. The image is clear and bright thanks to the high level of light transmission and coated optics. Metal housing provides reliability and durability. The structure is protected from mechanical damage, dust and sand, can withstand the temperature changes in a wide range from -40°C to +50°C. Air-Tightness is maintained when operating in adverse weather conditions. The inner space filled with dry nitrogen preventing fogging of the lenses. For shooting in low light conditions has the red color back light with adjustable 8 steps illumination brightness. COD 2M can be used in combination with Night Vision Goggles. 


BelOMO factory:

BelOMO is a universal Association with substantial scientific and technical potential which is engaged in the field of development and production of high-precision laser, optoelectronic and optical and mechanical devices, instruments, units and systems for ground troops, space, marine services, industries, medicine, tourism, aerospace photographic equipment etc.

COD 2M aiming system is a compact light Optical and Red Dot scope designed for mobile military groups. Can be installed on automatic small arms, machine and sub-machine guns or any other weapons with a top Weaver / Picatinny base. Can be used during day time shooting under any light conditions or, in a twilight and at night in a combination with night vision devices. The scope is shock-proof, dust-proof, water-resistant, filled with nitrogen.


-The COD 2M  feature is a Red Dot and optical rangefinder illuminated reticle which allows you to make perfect kill shots in day light and  dusk conditions.

-COD 2M feature professionally ground, crystal clear optics, nitrogen filling to prevent lens fogging, and larger diameter tubes  for improved light gathering under the most severe conditions.

-Since the range calibrations are measured in equal amounts of MOA, COD 2M can be used effectively with any caliber of weapon.

- Scope is water resistant and can be used in any climate condition

-Can be used at night in a combination with night vision devices

- Nitrogen filling, crystal clear optics, professionally ground and water resistant

Reticle is full military rangefinder  red color back light with adjustable intensity 8 levels


Any rifles with top worldwide standard Weaver or  Picatinny bases. 


Visible magnification, power: 4x ( optical channel ), 1x ( Red Dot channel )

Lens clear aperture, mm :  22 ( optical channel ), 17 ( Red Dot channel )

Angular field of view, deg.: 11

Exit pupil diameter, mm :  22 ( optical channel ), 4.2 ( Red Dot channel )

Eye relief, mm:  42

Adjustment scale factor:

Windage adjustment, max.
±175 cm at 100 m

Elevation adjustment, max.
±175 cm at 100 m

Elevation adjustment per click
1.5 cm / click at 100 m

Windage adjustment per click
1.5 cm / click at 100 m

Illumination LED :  Red , Night Vision compatible

Supply voltage, V: 3V ( AA )

Operating temperature range: -40C.....+50C

Overall dimensions, mm : 208 x 63 x 95

Weight, kg : 0.700

- COD 2M Aiming System

- Operation Manual ( English) 

- Adjustment  Key

- Cleaning brush

- Cleaning cloth

- Bag