BelOMO PO 3.5x21P 7.62x39mm AK BDC Wide Angle Scope

Article # 0658

PO 3.5x21P is designated for small arms for aimed fire during day time and in the dusk conditions with reticle illumination. It is efficient for aiming at and scouting of well camouflaged targets at distances up to 600m. Scope can be mounted on any traditional AK / Saiga / Vepr side rails. The scope is equipped with reticle illumination feature. Reticule also includes visual range estimating scale for half and full silhouette on distances between 200 and 800 meters. This model comes with ballistic BDC reticule calibrated for AK47/AKM 7.62x39 round.


BelOMO factory:

BelOMO is a universal Association with substantial scientific and technical potential which is engaged in the field of development and production of high-precision laser, optoelectronic and optical and mechanical devices, instruments, units and systems for ground troops, space, marine services, industries, medicine, tourism, aerospace photographic equipment etc.

This scope made in Belarus by BelOMO in best traditions of Russian / USSR military optics building. This is the best scope for AK family rifles. This modification is designated for 7.62 x39 AK-47/ AKM / Saiga / RPK, Century and Arsenal USA, Maddi, Norinco and Poly-Tech copies rifles. The scope is extremely well balanced, and when it is mounted, one barely notices these extra 2.5lb. Rubber eye relief piece makes it easy (and safely) to maintain proper eye relief distance. Other main features of this scope are:

-Nitrogen filled to prevent fogging.

-Extremely wide, practically unique field of view, optics prismatic design.

-7.62x39 BDC Reticule illumination

- Very clear glass, multi coated to prevent glare, scratching and to increase contrast

-Sturdy design (solid one piece alloy cast body and mount)


- Visible magnification, ratio         3,5X

- Angular field of view, deg.           12

-Lens clear aperture, mm               21

-Lens clear aperture, mm               21

-Eye relief, mm                              48

-Elevation/azimuth adjustment range, ang. m, min.   ±36

-Adjustment scale factor, ang.s.    17 (1 cm @ 100 m)

-Overall dimensions, mm, max.   195x94x166

-Overall dimensions, mm, max.   195x94x166

-Operating temperature range, oC      -50 ... +50

- Optical scope

- Ballistic card 

- Operation manual

- Bag - case