Adapter PENTAX M42 thread mount lens to LEICA M bayonet mount camera

Article # 0310

This is unique high quality professional photo-instrument with minimal inaccuracies. Use SLR wide angle lenses on Leica M . Mount your Pentax 42 Lenses on Leica M Mount Bodies.


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Perfect to use SLR wide angles on your Leica, infinity focus, no glass in adapter to degrade image.

These are most practical with wide angles, but can also be used with Teles and Zooms if you focus very carefully using the distance scale. There is NO rangefinder coupling. TTL flash or ambient metering will still work - if you RF body offers that feature. Unlike some screw mount adapters, this adapter does not interfere with the open aperture metering lug on the rear of Fujica screw mount lenses.

The adapter is  with zero glass elements to degrade image quality. Adapters allow metering on the M6, M5, CL, CLE, and, of course infinity focusing.


Lens Mount :           Pentax M42 thread 

Camera mount:        Leica M bayonet 

Glass elements:        No 


Leica M Series, Digital Leica M8, M5, M6, Leica CL, Hexar RF, Minolta CLE, Voigtlander Bessa T, R2, R2A, R3A, R2M, R3M, R4A, R4M, Epson RD-1, Konika Hexar RF, Rollei RF. 

Adapter PENTAX M42 to LEICA M