Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association (since 2011 - the BelOMO Holding) is recognized leader of optoelectronic instrument engineering. The history of BelOMO holding begins in 1957 with founding of the Minsk Mechanical Works named after S.I. Vavilov.

The BelOMO Holding today is a universal multidisciplinary association, which specializes in the development, design and manufacture of laser, optoelectronic and opto-mechanic devices and systems. 

The BelOMO Holding has great technological potential: foundry, optical, machining, stamping, galvanic, assembly production. In addition, the enterprise has a central testing station and the whole complex of research and production laboratories.

OJSC “MMW named after S. I. Vavilov" - the managing company of the BelOMO holding has a full production cycle and modern production equipment. Production capacity of the enterprise can successfully produce competitive products, for both domestic and international markets. Innovative products of the BelOMO holding are exported to more than 50 countries around the globe.

LEMT Scientific and Technical Center of the BelOMO was founded on June 02, 1992 as the result of structural reorganization of the Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association, a flagship of instrumentation of the Republic of Belarus, and one of the biggest optic companies of the Eastern Europe. LEMT Scientific and Technical Center specializes in scientific research, development, production and upgrading of optoelectronic and laser devices.

"Zenit-BelOMO" Joint Stock Company was founded in 1973 and since then it has been the largest manufacturer of optical scopes and sights on the territory of the former USSR.

OJSC «Plant «Optic» of the BelOMO Holding was founded in 1970. The plant was planned and built as a specialized enterprise for production of optical parts for optoelectronic and opto-mechanic devices that used for military and scientific purposes, devices for observation (binoculars and optical scopes), medical equipment, space technology as well as enterprise used for development and production  of the optical glass.

JSC Plant "Diaprojector " of the BelOMO Holding is the largest manufacturer of optical scopes and night vision devices for ground troops, tanks, marines and other militaries. 

JSC "Zhlobin Plant Svet" is part of the BelOMO Holding, which specializes in the field of mechanical processing.